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Apulian dry Gin

Gin di Puglia is an artisanal fully distilled gin.

A truly unsual immersion into the italian flavours, for an exclusive gin with a unique mixing and an unexpected taste experience

Gin di Puglia is an artisan fully distilled gin.

A solid classic base made of wheat alcohol and juniper is dosed and created to be placed in infusion.

Each botanical is distilled separately.  After roughly two days, the distillation base is carried out. 

These distinct distillates are then blended together with purified water to ensure a well balanced spirit, in order to proceed with the last distillation with extra virgin olive oil.

A slow distillation maximizes the flavours.

At the end of the distillation it proceeds with the analytical supervision of the distillate, alcohol content and organoleptic analysis.

The finished product will be left to rest and filtered. 

It is produced in small batches and bottled by hand.

What about tasting notes? Well, in Gin di Puglia you can find a unique mixing:

the bitterness of the juniper, the spiciness of the licorice roots, the intence and floral aroma of the old threes olive leaves and finally the sweetness of the extra virgin oive oil which contains the reals essence of Gin di Puglia.

An exclusive gin with a secret recipe that offers a unique balance of natural ingredients while still respecting the rules of classical distillation.

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