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Apulian dry gin inspiration

Why Zero Waste

About us

Gin di Puglia is the link between three friends.

The intent was to create a unique gin spreading a new love for Puglia throughout the world, becoming an uxexpected taste experience, a journey through the Apulian beauty and its Mediterranean flavour.

The Story behind the Gin

Gin di Puglia is an artisanal fully distilled gin.

A solid classic base made of wheat alcohol and juniper is dosed and created to be placed in infusion. 

A slow distillation maximizes the flavours.

raccolta olive

Italian inspiration by Gin di Puglia

Make your spirit, Gin di Puglia signature and inspired cocktails for a perfect serve

Discover our Store and our E- Shop

Our store is located in Via Arpi in a small town called Foggia, located in Southern Italy the North of Puglia. 

Come to visit our shop and discover our line of products.

You’ll find special food paring, accoutrements and history

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